Face to Face e-signature

Drive your digital onboarding with QuickSign!

Designed for client-intensive businesses that rely heavily on person-to-person interaction, face to face electronic signature platforms offer the best of both worlds by enabling a fully digital experience to a visiting customer.

F2F signature platforms enable companies to have minimal interaction with the client, allowing him to enjoy the services more, to devote more time to more important tasks and to ensure a digital experience overall.

Manage and reduce fraud risks. Verify the identity of your customers with advanced authentication methods. 

With our Greenlight solution: manage your clients’ supporting documents. Speed up approvals and processing time with automatic, real-time analyses.

With Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures, obtain legally enforceable contracts including a full audit trail.

Use Case

BRD Finance is currently implementing a face to face electronic signature process in store in order to digitize the contractual relationship with their clients. 

BRDF logo - Face-to-Face-e-signature

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