Transfollow - Let e-CMR strengthen your supply chain

Logistics is a complex business – transporting heavy loads throughout the whole planet generates significant complexity but also a lot of papers to attest to the origin & value of the loads. Governed by the CMR, the Convention of the transport of goods, documenting the logistics of goods throughout the world has been a paper intensive process. But as with every other business process, the advancement of technology has enabled companies to do away with the papers and focus on the E-CMR, the electronic version of those documents, which were established back in February 2008. 

Have a look at how E-CMR works! 

Going paperless - no more paper documents

A whole load of goods comes with a whole load of documents – contractual conditions, certifications, transport of goods, cross-border attestation… Creating and using an E-CMR will retain all of these but it will create a digital framework to do so, allowing companies to use modern systems, paperless processes and allowing them to have efficient business practices. And last but not least, an E-CMR system lowers the costs in the long run.

So go digital, use digital logistics processing – E-CMR solutions!