e‑IdentificatioN by ARIADNEXT

Automatic identity verification

IDCheck.io is the leading automated ID verification solution on the European market. It is used by major financial institutions and lots of Fintech companies, as well as online gaming operators and other service providers with a need for increased trust, in an increasingly digital and regulated world.

IDCheck.io instantly brings you the trust you need to set up business relations with customers, and fight against document fraud and money laundering, whilst offering optimised user experience with a view to boosting transformation rates.

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Check ID Documents

Liveness detection pushes the ability to guarantee your customers’ identity even further

Being certain that the person wishing to subscribe to a service is in fact who they say they are, and ensuring this person is present during the actual subscription process are major challenges for a number of companies.

ARIADNEXT has now bestowed IDCheck.io with a Liveness Detection service. This new service, associated with our document verification services, offers online companies sound protection against fraud without hindering customer experience.

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