We've been on this journey with DocuSign together for 5 years

Since 2016 we have been working together with DocuSign for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe to digitalise companies and their journeys into becoming the new business processes that customers, partners and private entities desire.

As DocuSign Partners, we strive to provide the same level (or even exceed!) of support, professionalism and exactness offered by DocuSign for all types of digitalisation projects with electronic signatures, offering to our clients the entire power of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

DocuSign in Bulgaria - DocuSign in Bulgaria

Currently, due to the Regulations of the European Union, DocuSign is perfectly compatible with the EU 910/2014 EIDAS Regulation and the national law for Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act (EDESA) in Bulgaria. According to the national Bulgarian regulations, through the EDESA law, “electronic signature” means any information in an electronic form, added or logically associated with the electronic statement to establish its authorship. This, along with the EIDAS EU Regulation, makes DocuSign perfectly valid in Bulgaria.

Proudly working with us!

Michelin’s team is using DocuSign for distributors agreement in Bulgaria for 2 years. We have been in support for building the integration between Sharepoint and DocuSign.

Michelin test - DocuSign in Bulgaria