Digi DMS

Digi DMS - Easiest way to organize your internal documents

Document Management Solutions are crucial components of a well functioning business. By processing & storing documents in an efficient manner, companies can rely on a system that can leverage all this data.

Digidemat partners with Doc Series, an enterprise specializing in the digitalization of documents for public and private sector. Doc Series offers a superior DMS that can be tailor made for every company which requests a powerful platform they can leverage data from.

The solution organise internal and external documents, provide an easy search and offer complex workflow management tools to help even the most demanding of companies.

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Digi DMS - Dynamic sharing of documents between departments of an organization

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Key Features

  • Management of all company documents: suppliers, customers, HR, projects, quality, production, policyholders…
  • Classification of all types of documents: scanned papers, e-mails, office documents…
  • Tracking and tracing documents life cycle
  • Evolutive classification plans
  • Comments, annotations
  • Full text search and multi-criterion
  • Multi-languages
  • Setting processing circuits (Advanced Workflow)
  • Dashboards-Statistics


  • Structured, simple and automatic filing (mails, studies, reports, any office sources)
  • Decreasing records processing time
  • Immediate and intuitive access to files elements
  • Managing large volume of information
  • Optimizing files diffusion process 
  • Taking into account hierarchical aspects
  • Documents access controls
  • Interoperable system