Ensuring a smooth digital transition through consultancy!

For more than 5 years in the consultancy business, Digidemat has accumulated experience in handling all types of digitalization projects, working with various companies to provide accurate results and help them implement digitalization systems.

By virtue of working with various companies and drawing from our expertise, Digidemat can offer consultancy on a variety of topics – legal consultancy, project consultancy, technical consultancy & impact consultancy. We take the company step by step, organising every aspect of digitalization.


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Consultancy Projects

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Legal consultancy

Digidemat has significant expertise in legal consultancy, having worked on the Romanian proposals for the new e-signature law and is in close contact with all of the necessary public entities to provide the required knowledge that is crucial to an e-sign project. For more information about the electronic signature regulation, you can check eIDAS n ° 910/2014.

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IT consultancy

In some cases, digitalisation platforms are far more valuable if they are integrated within the platforms of our clients. Whenever such a need arises, Digidemat has the team and the experience to help our partners achieve their desired outcome in integrating the digitalisaiton platforms in their own systems.

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Project consultancy

Having worked on various projects, with companies of all sizes (from startups to huge multinational corporations), Digidemat has the knowledge and experience to provide full project consultancy from the moment the product contract is signed all the way to the moment the platform goes live. Our expertise can handle both B2B and B2C cases, as we have worked extensively with both.

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Impact consultancy

Looking to quantify the impact of your digitalisation projects? Digidemat can provide impact consultancy, highlighting the numbers with a detailed analysis with reports that show the exact results of your digitalisation projects. The analysis can be either a pre-project analysis or a post-project analysis, creating either a forecast or an impact analysis.

Use case

Digidemat consultants have provided a legal and technical study for Cetelem Romania following the objective to digitize the contractual relationship with their clients.

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