What We Offer

Digitalization solutions for B2B and B2C processes

Digital Transaction Platform

Easily approve & sign documents through our Digital Transaction Platform. Manage agreements, contracts & forms in a simple and secure manner.

Face to Face e-Signature

Sign electronic documents in a Face to Face environment with or without dedicated devices. Documents are signed with Simple, Advanced or Qualified e-Signature.


Electronic identification of your clients straight from the mobile phone within minutes, offering the same legal value as the physical appearance

Digitalization Consultancy

For more than 5 years, our consultancy team has acquired extensive technical and legal knowledge for Digitalization projects in B2B & B2C environements


Encrypted electronic vault solutions for secure and legal long term archiving in compliance with Romanian and European regulations


Document Management Solutions to organize internal and external documents, easy search and customizable approval workflow management

They Trust Us

Success stories of companies that are now e-sign compliant

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Our Partners

Worldwide expertise through our partners for digitalization solutions

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