Our solutions


Scanning solutions and automatic treatment / indexing of all types of documents (contracts, accounting records, invoices, census forms ...) allowing a business process automation. Our Capture solutions can easily integrate with your business applications (EDM, ECM, BPM, CRM, ERP, ETC.)


Document management solutions for all company’s internal documents, for accurate and quick search, automation of the validation flow for internal or external documents and an organized and secure archiving. Our solutions replace your cabinets, your hanging folders, so all of the company's papers.

Electronic Signature

Solutions for subscription of BtoC contract via electronic signature in multi channel (contractualization face to face or remote). Our various solutions ensure legal recognition of your contracts and are adapted to the financial and non-financial institutions (bank, consumer credit, insurance ...)


Single full web solution on the market to ensure the complete management of civil status, in full compliance with the legislation in force in the country concerned. The experience of over 20 years of our Digitech partner in the management of civil status to French and international level allows us to offer a complete but flexible software at a time.

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